Welcome to TeslaCloud! On this page you can learn all about our guideline values for our community, feel free to contact us anytime if something is unclear to you.

Forum activity

We value free speech and transparency. The user will always have access to read and comment on server activities, including all major factions, suggestions, criticisms and general debate topics. The user's speech will not be impaired by arbitrary restrictions, and they are permitted to voice contrary opinions without fear of removal.

If a forum debate devolves into non-stop drama/insults, a forum moderator may temporarily lock said discussion until the conflict can be resolved privately. Once settled, the thread may be continued as normal.

Disclosure: Harassment, threats, bullying, child abuse and sexually explicit content will not be tolerated.


We do not want to moderate your IC roleplay - you decide your own backstory, development, and direction. The world will react accordingly, whether positively or negatively. We universally apply S2K to the HL2RP server, combined with freedom of movement. There will never be any floating text disallowing entry to zones, or any mechanics that will significantly restrict roleplay opportunities.

  • You may not cause a significant incursion on Union forces without at least 3 CP's online.
  • ERP is allowed but only if both parties oocly consent beforehand, Gamemasters may ask you to stop if abused.
  • Metagame and powergame is not tolerated.


The Gamemaster concept, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, is a person who acts as an organizer, arbitrator and ambassador for the TeslaCloud Community. Unlike the standard understanding of a server admin, as referenced from other Garry’s Mod servers, the Gamemaster’s focus is not of moderation but that of content creation. It is imperative that Gamemasters enjoy enough autonomy to create interesting and joyful scenarios, not just for the players involved but also for themselves included.