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City Overview





City 1 - New York


City 1 - Hit most heavily by the initial portal storms, City 1 is far from a stable location for a city. Constant blackouts, heating implications, xenian infestations trouble the city on a day to day basis; and most of it's population live in small tenements. The resistance in City 1 is incredibly prevalent, occupying the impassable urban rubble in the heart of the city, with rival factions vying for control of significant locations like 5th Avenue.

The Union has plans to make good use of City 1's infrastructure and skyscrapers, but has many hurdles to overcome first.

City 2 - London


City 2 - The casualty of one of the Combine's strongest offensives in the 7 hour war, London is almost completely destroyed with most of it's population being resistance who have burrowed themselves in underground infrastructure and subways. The Union occupies itself in Newington, cemented behind various defense networks and a heavily guarded Waterloo train station which serves as a lifeline for the small urban center.

The Union is unable to maintain a stable urban center in City 2, and is looking to abandon it if needed.

City 3 - Moscow


City 3 - The Eastern European regional headquarters and the heart of Combine Society within the post-war Russian State. Whilst the inner-sections of the city is condensed with a heavily mechanised Combine presence, multiple Russian militia groups operating heavy ordnance outside the city clash for control of multiple territories of strategic value, especially with the forces of Overwatch. City 3 is highly monopolised by a high amount of rampant corruption within its City Administration, leading to growing social unrest. A citadel is not present, however a huge NEXUS has been manufactured here, showing the iron fisted strength of the Combine's subsequent armies.

The civic populace is very well contained, however the growing insurgency is slowly pacing its way towards society. Much of the Russian metro has been converted into smuggling tunnelways with little visibility throughout the city, leaving for much of the underground a place-to-be-desired.

City 8 - Tokyo


City 8 - With much of the inner city completely overtaken by Xenian infestation, the urban center in Tokyo is confined to the Koto district, where it serves as the main distributing hub for Union shipping. The resistance scene is City 8 is roughly dispersed, with much of the resistance being located outside of Tokyo itself, commuting to the inner-city via underground systems to trade illegal contraband. City 8 itself is very well defended, but is heavily overcrowded for this reason, causing living standards to be the lowest in the Asian sector.

The Union prioritizes the defense of City 8 and hopes to pacify the xenian infestation in greater Tokyo.

City 17 - Kiev


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City 24 - Geneva


City 24 - Relatively untouched by both portal-storms and the 7 hour war by chance, City 24 is the Union's first arguably stable urban center, followed only by City 17. It serves as a home for the political aspect of the Union, and is the location for most human political bodies and propaganda programs. The resistance is mainly under threat, and have had to resort to the shadows in and around the outer city. Life in City 24 is relatively stable, with Loyalists enjoying all the benefits the Union has to offer.

The Union places City 24 at it's centerpoint.