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    Dr. Cortana Northbrook

    Dr. Cortana Northbrook, Ph.D General Details ~ Affiliation ~ Universal Union :: Civil Administration ~ Age ~ 40 years ~ Place of Birth ~ Ontario, Canada Relations Civil Administration Positive "My employers, per say. I respect my peers and appreciate the Union giving me the wonderful...
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    Announcement Slandering Mendelevius

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    Accepted Introduce an event management

    I'm fine with this, as long as it doesn't interfere with the idea of general GM's being allowed to do events as well. More of a guideline system than regulations.
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    Accepted Roleplay documents tab in the HL2 Roleplay section.

    As long as there's a stipulation that the roleplay documents written by those individuals not approved for expansive lore writing are restricted to their own characters/events that don't change the wider scope of lore, I'd be fine with it.
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    Accepted plyblind

    Sounds like a good idea to me. I know we have some sort of 'blindfold' thing planned, but this would be helpful as an event utility.
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    As much as I appreciate having European cities, it's nice to see people writing outside the expected area. Good looks.
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    In-Character p

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    SUGGESTION: Remove some of the forum ratings

    I demand we rename the cloud rating to 'Cumulus.'
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    Coming along

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    Announcement World-Map Changelog/Lore Announcements

    Update: A general sector map has been added for Earth. Note that the official sector and city list thread has been removed and its contents transferred to a new thread for the sector map. Note as well that city numbers have been added so that there are at least 4 cities in each region, with...
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    Official Global Sector Map

    City & Sector Affiliations The following is an extensive list of all cities, their designations, and what respective sector's influence under which they fall, as designated by the Union in 2011 immediately following Unification. Sector 0 - Antarctic Regions N/A - Restricted Region Sector 1...
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    Official Global Sector Map

    Global Sector Map The following is a detailed depiction of the distribution of land area by sector, as designated by the Union in 2011 immediately following Unification. This document is considered an official distribution and all cities will fall within the confines and jurisdiction of their...
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    Guide A guide to being a good robocop

    The quality of a person's character isn't measured by whether or not they obey the Combine, or whether they are a rebel or CAB or CP or whatever. The quality of their character is measured by how realistic they are, how much depth they have, how they respond to certain situations. A good...
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    Info Public Suggestion List.

    Add suggestion: Detailed farming system that allows a person to plant a seed in properly maintained soil. This seed and resultant young tree must be appropriately cared for over the course of several weeks for the tree to grow into a mature fruit tree. Water once every 24 hours or so...
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    Overwatch Central Intelligence Network (OCIN)

    Update: Added OCI Dispatch AI.
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    Doctor Tel'Vurr

    no better a vort man than chez
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    The Farmers

    This is fucking awesome. Nice to see a pacifist/non-combat focused group that chooses to try and ignore or avoid the Combine rather than fight them. It's also really nice to see people who are actually afraid of the Combine instead of just hating them like so many violent resistance groups...
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    Tremblement de Terre

    Tremblement de Terre Libère notre peuple, libère notre monde 1944 - Present Tremblement de Terre, otherwise known as EarthQuake in English is a pre-war French revolutionary organization that is and has been described by most outsiders as a deadly terrorist organization. They are primarily...