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    Dr. Cortana Northbrook

    Dr. Cortana Northbrook, Ph.D General Details ~ Affiliation ~ Universal Union :: Civil Administration ~ Age ~ 40 years ~ Place of Birth ~ Ontario, Canada Relations Civil Administration Positive "My employers, per say. I respect my peers and appreciate the Union giving me the wonderful...
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    Official Global Sector Map

    Global Sector Map The following is a detailed depiction of the distribution of land area by sector, as designated by the Union in 2011 immediately following Unification. This document is considered an official distribution and all cities will fall within the confines and jurisdiction of their...
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    Tremblement de Terre

    Tremblement de Terre Libère notre peuple, libère notre monde 1944 - Present Tremblement de Terre, otherwise known as EarthQuake in English is a pre-war French revolutionary organization that is and has been described by most outsiders as a deadly terrorist organization. They are primarily...
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    Overwatch Central Intelligence Network (OCIN)

    Overwatch Central Intelligence Network The Overwatch Central Intelligence Network (OCIN), is the means by which the Union coordinates all ground forces on Union-occupied Earth, inclusive of Transhuman Soldiers, Civil Protection, and other affiliate groups such as conscripted military forces...
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    Guide A guide to being a good robocop

    A guide to being a good robocop 90% of the time what a cop is to the HL2RP community is a robot that simply roams around yelling at citizens for running and beating people with a sparky stick. To be the slightest bit interesting in your RP as a cop, you have to find ways to subvert this...
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    Civil Protection Application Format

    APPLICATION STATUS: OPEN ======= In Character Segment Please ensure all responses are in unbolded typeface, all caps in the IC section only. Post your application appropriately formatted in the main Civil Protection applications board. ======= CIVIL PROTECTION RECRUITMENT FORM [FORM...
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    Listte Martel :: (HERO-1)

    Lisette Martel :: HERO-1 Image edit credits: Flanders Personal Information Tagline: HERO-1 Position: Rank Leader Name: Lisette Francine Martel Nicknames: The Butcher of August, August, One, Lizzy Birth Date: May 4, 1986 Birth Location: Lyon, France Age: 25 Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual...
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    Official Subforum Rules & Closed Issues

    Civil Protection & Dispatch Comments, Complaints, and Criticism This subforum is specifically for issues of discussion concerning Civil Protection and its associate subfaction Dispatch. All matters of concern worthy of scrutiny should be posted here, and they will be reviewed and responded to...
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    Official e