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    We'll meet again

    Hey. Welcome. I hope we meet again!
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    Devblog - v0.7.9

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    Guide Advanced Roleplaying Guide

    Amazing guide! Could do with a couple of pictures to break the text wall, though.
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    Weapon Conditions

    Something like this would be great in my opinion. Of course, it would take a long time of use for the weapon to start causing problems, but maintaining it once in a while would effectively introduce a new layer of roleplay and responsibility - which I'd love to see imo.
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    Hey there! Welcome to TeslaCloud. Nice having you ^^.
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    Hello people of TeslaCloud!

    Hey there! Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your time here. ^^
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    There was no general art thread so, here it is.

    I'll start. I just made this since I was bored. Garry's Mod & Photoshop. Combine Storming an Unidentified Resistance outpost, circa 2019.
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    Arbeit Communications

    This is actually really cool imo. Good work!
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    Minecraft Thread

    OH SHIT. YO.
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    Nashi's ((old)) photoshop dump

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    Gerald Hunt

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    Apex Roleplay Scares Me.

    Kill it.
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    Nashi's ((old)) photoshop dump

    Those look great! Why do you hate photoshop though? What happened?
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    Seems interesting

    Hey DanteeZe! Welcome to TeslaCloud. Nice seeing you here. Hope you enjoy your stay! ^^
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    Minecraft Thread

    Dude Villager News was the shit.
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    In-Character joker game reviews & more

    Review TeslaCloud