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The arms recycle site 1 is based in the kazakh steppes, located roughly within the southern parts. The site itself only consists of multiple warehouses presumably containing confiscated weapons from before the war, such as warheads, vehicles and the sort. The rest of the site is merely a testing ground for when the combine peaks interest in a certain weapon, and decides to examine it for potentional recycling into it's arsenal. It is also used to sterilize old arms, mainly being taken apart and scrapped for any purposes, such as for combine manufactured armaments or infrastructural needs.

Although the site itself is underused and relatively isolated from the rest of the world, it is still guarded extensively by one conscript batallion at a time aswell as a transhuman reinforcement group. This is due to how prone it could be to be scavenged by local resistance cells, as its presence is widely known within the sorrounding area. However, as popular as it might be, it is unknown what exactly it holds to anyone not involved actively in this facility.

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Hello. Sorry for taking a while with replying to this.

Could you give extra clarification on this specific arms recycling facility and what's currently being held there in detail? I feel two paragraphs is rather short for something like this.