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"The loyalist identity is defined by unwavering devotion to The Union, and their hatred for our enemies is what makes them the foundation of our society. We should all aspire to loyalty, as those who walk the righteous path shall certainly be rewarded."

An assembly of pro-union fanatics, governed to wage warfare upon the enemies of government, propagated through use of propaganda and information manipulation. Any foe would be wise to stay clear of this vicious pencil-throwing band of manipulative bureaucrats, lest they desire their lives and story turned upside down for all to see.

The Bureau makes use of pro-union ‘celebrity’ figures, preaching city-wide to all citizens the merits of unification. To those who oppose unification, the Bureau flagrantly mocks live on stage, often with loyalist guests to strengthen the goal of a united front against resistance. Firm and astute news presenters deliver glorified news of the day, while public speakers sprout the wonders of public service – Such is the way of the Bureau.

The faction is a civil administration sub-faction with a event-based character setup, focused on generating RP and growing a larger sense of what's going on in the world for citizen players. Members aren't a part of the Civil Administration board but are affiliated to it via the director and the government party, anyone who joins are regarded as senior party members. If you're interested pop Atle a message!

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