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This is where it gets a bit complicated. For one I like the idea and after thinking it through I can see it working, however there's just some things on my mind about it that might need clarification.

In essence, the usage of handheld tokens has always been a rather outdated method. We could all agree on that. However, that method has always been useful in terms of inspiring trade between players with hand-in-hand currency. Whilst credit cards may be a subject of making currency an autonomy and making it rather easier, wouldn't this diminish that feel of being there and up close towards other players whilst commencing transactions? Personally I've always used tokens because of that instead of just slipping a card in and then moving on. I mean like, I'm not sure how the Combine are going to even come close to having their currency inflated.

I mean sure it sounds great on the document and I like the idea- but that's scrapping handheld income to the physical standpoint.

I'm not sure how the digital currency is going to play a role when it comes with notes if all you're needing to do is slot a card in, pay for goods, take card out and walk away without saying a word. My opinion on this is that I can see this working, but at a cost of interactions between players. In relation to the end of the document, it states in itself that rebel roleplay minimises that effect.

What I've always thought about is keeping tokens but lessening their strength. AKA: Not being as strong as digital currency and introducing basically what's on this document and keep the best of both worlds (if that can work). Essentially a risk-reward type of thing. If people want to try and secure financial resources in large numbers and want to play smart about it, citizens could apply for an "upgrade" to digital currency and therefore gain sterilised credits. The downside? A major amount of details about their character are turned in for those benefits as the expense of applying is being listed onto a Combine Citizen Index containing every little detail about a person. Essentially, even with a missing CID Card, the credit card system they wanted that's attached to their character made it simply harder for them to hide away their identity... but at least they have some digital funds, though.

I might be overthinking this, wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. One thing for certain is that for this type of idea I'd also like to see some opinions from other people wondering what their thoughts are for this.


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I like the idea of a digital currency, but the lack of physical tender makes it hard to conduct purchases between average people - meaning they can't sell their shit to eachother.

Maybe that's the whole point, I dunno, but I feel like that's an essential part of the HL2 RP feel.