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-- Civil Administration Board (CAB) --
Application format

Application Status: Open
Note: Everything with a * is a requirement, anything without it is not.

Application Format:
Steam Name*:

If you do not want to give your specific age, are you above the age of 18?*:

Is English your native language?*:
If no, are you proficient at speaking English?:

How long have you played Half-life 2: Roleplay?*:
List some of the past communities you have played on:

Have you ever been a Civil Administrator or a faction like it?:
Have you ever been part of a faction that is similar or exactly like the Civil Administration Board?:
If yes for the above, give an example of what you did within it:
Can you give a few examples of how a CAB member might behave in-character?*:
Can you now tell me what CAB does?*:

Finally, can you give me an RP example of any CAB scenario you can think of? (It can be about anything you want)*:

There are some rules you should know about when posting your Application. You should follow them if you do not wish your application to be denied.

  1. When creating your application, make sure to answer all the questions truthfully and to the best of your ability. Don't give half-arsed answers as that really does not help.
  2. You can add additional questions and answers to your Application if you so wish, as long as they are appropriate.
  3. Please do not copy straight from the CAB guide, instead, try to put everything into your own words.
  4. Do not flame or rage over others commenting on your application nor in the discord, this can get you denied easily without question.
  5. Do not repost your Application after it has been posted, denied and so on until a week has passed.
  6. If you are below the age of 18, you can still be accepted as long as your behavior is acceptable. I like to base things off of your attitude, behavior and so on, so the age question must be answered truthfully if you choose to do so. Saying your above 18 when you are not will get you instantly denied.
Some notes to view:
CAB documents can be found here:
Questions can be asked over the forums or discord.
I will not be responding to Applications immediately. I will only respond on the 14/09/2019
Only a maximum of 5 people will be getting through by these OOC means of applications. The rest will be entering In-Character due to the way CAB was designed.

Reasons for Denial:
It is more than possible for your application to be denied, so don't expect to get through into the faction if other good players are trying to get in themselves.
Reasons include the following but are not limited to:
  • Your application was seen as unprofessional or had a lack of effort put into it.
  • Your past reputation makes you untrustworthy
  • Behavior/attitude is appalling as seen on forums or discord and therefore have been denied
  • One of the above rules have been broken
  • Too many questions were answered incorrectly
  • Too many questions were left unanswered with no reason stating on why.
    • This only applies to the required questions
  • Your age/mental age was not high enough to get in
  • Very Poor English within your application/discord showing that maybe CAB is not a place for you. (English speaking is a requirement for the most part, especially when entering a position higher than just a board member.