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The Civil Administration Board
Lead by Robert

What is it?:
The Civil Administration Board is a governing body which operates within the City, containing multiple members within it. This board makes all kind of decisions ranging from City laws, organizing public events, changing work cycle times and ration cycles, interacting with the populace, awarding loyalists, approving factions, etc. There is a lot that these members will do. Above the board, you also have the Chancellor and City Administrator, the leading figures of the board and also the ones making most of the decisions based on the Unions goals and desires.

How does it work?:
Before we go into this, there are also 2 more figures that exist within the Board, these being a Party Chairman and the Director of the Bureau of Enlightenment. The party is what all standard citizens and above are classified as by default by the Board. They generally have no say and is just the overall populace of the City. Above them, you then have Senior Party Members who are trusted party individuals who have proven themselves worthy to the City. They tend to get given tasks by the Board and are set to be next in line for a position on the Board. The Chairman is a member of the Board itself and leads the Party, being the most shouty man within, they focus on rallies, speeches and all to the Citizens, motivating them and encouraging them to support the City. And finally, we have the Director of the Bureau of Enlightenment, they are the leader of said Bureau and specialize in Propaganda, they are also considered part of the Board.

Now into the actual workings of the Board. This consists of interested players who focus on the City aspect of the lore and story of the Roleplay, every decision they make together can affect the world that the players live in, making it a role which requires care. Now while the rules in this faction are basically non-existent, allowing the members to make any decisions they please, they still do have some restriction on the laws and changes they can make to stop the entire City/Server from going to all hell. The Board decides and votes on the decisions they wish to make for the City and can easily change the way the City feels to the Citizens, either turning into a place where people are unhappy and feel uneasy or create a paradise for all Citizens who suddenly love the Board for what they have done. Of course, this isn't a democracy and is very much under the full authority of the Chancellor and City Administrator. So even if the Board makes their decisions, the City Administrator or Chancellor can overrule it so that decision never sees the light of day. (Yes... you are very much in a dictatorship. IC Wise, you most likely won't know this without experiencing it.)

The big theme of this faction is Freedom and Player-Driven Story. This Board aims to give unrestricted RP to the administration faction at last, without them seeming so disconnected from the populace and feel like they aren't even part of the Union. In the old system, you might have noticed how CAs were locked up in the Nexus, unable to leave and spend time doing nothing but boring and dull broadcasts. That is no more. Board members have the freedom to do what they want, even if it means leaving the Nexus without guards. Another thing is how Board members can finally interact with the Union factions such as OTA and CPs without feeling like cooperation is non-existent. OTA and CPs will now cooperate with the Board to keep the City safe. The City Administrator and Chancellor being at the very top, even have access to CP and OTA related information and details on how they both operate. Never again will CAs feel separated from the CP and OTA factions.

How does one enter?:
I mentioned this above, but after proving your character to be loyal and trustworthy to the Board ICly by the many actions you as a Citizen can take, the Board can recognize you as a Senior Member of the Party. Once you are a Senior Member, the Board will often contact you to give out tasks to you, completing this tasks earns you more recognition, the more recognition you have, the more likely you will be added to the Board when space opens.

Not enough information for you?:
If you wish to gain more info on the CAB faction, then simply pop a message over to me (Robert) here on the forums or on the Discord (Robert™#1349). I have even made a document detailing all the information you could possibly need:
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