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Welcome to Flux 0.7.11
This will be the last 0.7.x update. The next update will be 0.8.0.

Fight for your life!
We have implemented a truly new and fresh take on the roleplay combat. We found that straight up S2K was unfair to people with low aim skill, and S2M is just stupid. So we designed a brand new system from the ground up, making the combat fair and fun for everyone involved.

The video explains all of the key concepts in a way that just can't be said with text. Give it a watch!

Watch the system demo here:

You are no longer invincible while fallen over
We have decided that being a literal bullet sponge while fallen over wasn't very fair, so we fixed it.

Measurement tool
You can now find out the exact distance between two points on the map in your favorite measurement system. Want to find out how many miles is 10000 units? Now you can!

Thank You
If you like what we are doing, you can consider becoming a Patreon supporter, because Patrons can check it all out live on our testing server! Check out our Patreon-only posts to learn more about continuous testing.