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KILO detachment consists of a tier-one collective of the Union's primary conscript arm, based within the dense jungle of Sector Two. Rough approximations determine their region of operation as stretching from the eastern border of Bolivia to the rural outskirts of City Five. Due to their nomadic and itinerant modus operandi, their exact location is unknown.
The group was initially established as a hunter-killer force designed to disrupt cartel activity within Latin America. Notably, the Cártel de Santa Cruz, who have positioned outposts amongst Mato Grosso, San Ramón, and the Tocantins. These elite soldiers lack in number, and as a result, they are deeply embedded in the region. Outside contact is minimal and logistical support is rarely provided.
Members of KILO are incredibly experienced in irregular warfare and possess a lethal skill set.
They pose a formidable threat to resistance or cartel activity within the isolated exurban areas of South America.

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This seems like a very nice force to add in, might help to a few more conscript forces on the map and give the Resistance more interesting enemies to encounter. The fact that they sound like covert operatives make it even better and forces the use of strategy for any resistance groups attempting to attack anything within KILO's range. It would be interesting to see how a battle between these kinds of conscripts verus the rebels. I am going to go ahead and give my approval for this due to how interesting of an idea it is. I will let RAD read and give his opinion on this before adding it.