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Overwatch Central Intelligence Network
The Overwatch Central Intelligence Network (OCIN), is the means by which the Union coordinates all ground forces on Union-occupied Earth, inclusive of Transhuman Soldiers, Civil Protection, and other affiliate groups such as conscripted military forces. This intelligence network consists of a massive web of synapses and facilities specifically designed to act as relays for the main Artificial Intelligence hub in a given area. It is used primarily for data storage, but also functions as a means of relaying information or instructions to Overwatch military and Civil Protection forces via radio communication.

Designed primarily using stolen technology mimicked or copied from discoveries located on initial incursions into the Aperture Science Research Facility which were then combined with more advanced off-world adaptations, the OCIN is now far and beyond the most advanced AI network on Earth.

How OCIN Works

Primary Hubs
Only located within Citadels

The OCI network begins at the very apex of its pyramid of information relay hubs with large, extremely well protected data centers that are located within the Citadel of every city on Earth. This separation of centralized intelligence ensures that even if one Citadel is destroyed, the OCI network will continue to function across the rest of the planet, though its coherence and consistency will be heavily damaged in the area surrounding the destroyed Citadel. These 'primary data centers' as they are referred to by the Combine serve as the most advanced and durable storage locations of intelligence and information the Union possesses. It is here that the most critical information is kept as well. Additionally, these hubs are in constant communication with other primary and secondary hubs.

It is worth noting that if a primary hub becomes under threat by hostile forces or by total destruction, it is easily capable of offloading its data to one or all other primary hubs around the world in an effort to keep its information out of the hands of the enemy.

Secondary Hubs
Located in smaller data centers, sometimes outside of cities

These hubs are smaller, but still well protected facilities that house information considered less critical to the Union's forces on Earth. Unlike primary hubs, secondary hubs do not contain information concerning the Union's off-world operations or issues that involve global control, and are instead more localized in their information. They may possess data on nearby enemy positions, threats or dangers the Union is aware of, or high interest criminals that are either wanted by or in the hands of the Union.

The destruction of one of these facilities, while significant, will not have an impact on local communications in a fashion similar to the destruction of a primary hub.

Communication Relay Centers/Towers
Normally located outside the bounds of city centers in either heavily forested or completely open terrain

These locations are very small facilities or even just towers designed with a specific purpose in mind: expanding the reach of communications for the Union. Their sole function is receiving information or signals delivered by another location and boosting them to an intended location or party, be that a squad of soldiers, another tower, or a nearby secondary hub.

The destruction of one or even all of these towers would, while not completely removing the Union's ability to communicate, significantly damage or degrade the quality or quickness of information transfer outside the area surrounding primary or secondary hubs. This may at times necessitate the physical delivery of information from one location to another by the Union.

These locations are decently well protected, usually by one or two squads of Overwatch Soldiers or Civil Protection if applicable.

Dispatch A.I.
"All units, prepare for lethal negotiations."

The Dispatch AI (sometimes referred to by its military callsign 'Overwatch' as a general term for the greater Combine military) is a subsection of the OCI network that specifically relates to relaying orders to Civil Protection. It rarely issues direct orders to transhuman soldiers, instead providing general instructions or objectives to them over public address systems, allowing them to command and control a mission on their own recognizance.

As stated previously, the AI functions primarily as a laissez-faire overall leader for Civil Protection. Given the fact that Civil Protection is much less trained and efficient than the transhuman military, it tends to take a more direct approach with their leadership - it is in constant communication with CP officers by radio, and though under most circumstance it allows CP members to operate of their own accord, if needed the AI will provide information, instructions, reward, and punishments to CP officers to encourage the effective execution of their duties.

The Dispatch AI cores are only ever located inside a given city's Citadel, usually in a highly protected and restricted access location. The only beings that are normally allowed access to these locations are stalkers, and they only enter for maintenance purposes.

The Dispatch AI, and Civil Protection by extension communicate on an encrypted set of channels that change between a set of 200 frequencies on a 30 second basis. It is nearly impossible to breach communications channels, and even if it was achieved, the network would likely lock the frequency out very quickly.

The Dispatch AI acts as the 'voice' of the Benefactors. Its authority is supreme and its commands are final.

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