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PK Appeals and Requests
If you feel like your PK was unfair and was done accidentally and should not apply to you, then you can Appeal it from this section of the forums. While we try to solve all PK cases in-game, sometimes we may miss some or is not solvable by the staff on the server at the time it happened to you that you need to appeal it from here. You can also request PK's here if no staff was able to help in-game for either yourself or against other players characters. Appeals and Requests for PK's will mostly be dealt with by the Management team for serious cases, smaller cases will be done by our staff team.

PK Appeals
Steam Name:

Character Name that was PK'ed:
Who/what were you killed by?:
Is this a Manual or AutoPK? (Manual: Carried out by staff shortly after death, Auto: Carried out the moment you died.):
Reasons why said person may have killed you (Only answer this if your death was by another player):

Why do you think your character should have its PK reversed?:
Have you deleted the character? (If you delete your character, we cannot carry out the appeal):
Evidence to support your reasons:

Names of witnesses which may be able to support your Appeal or give their opinions:

PK Appeal Rules:
  1. Do not re-post your appeal if you already got an existing appeal for the Character or have been denied for the same appeal previously.
    1. You may try to appeal again after 2 weeks of being denied
  2. Do not make an appeal out of rage for your characters death if it was carried out by another player for their own IC reasoning. We do not want to solve cases that come up just because someone is upset or salty over the loss of their characters.
    1. In other words, we are asking you to use your common sense and do not post appeals over something you already know is acceptable for your character to be PK'ed for.
  3. Be as respectful as possible
  4. Provide untampered/edited evidence to support your reasons

PK Request
Your Steam Name:
Your SteamID:

Their Steam Name(s):
Their SteamID('s):
Their character(s) name(s):

Can you explain the exact circumstances that led to their deaths (The scenario of what happened in other words):
What were your reasons for killing them?:
Can you provide us with information on what weapons/tools you used to kill them?:
Why should their character be PK'ed:

Names of witnesses to support your PK request?:
Was there anyone else who was directly involved with the deaths of the character(s)?:

PK Request Rules
  1. Please do not create Requests that already exist or have already been denied
    1. Only post that which is for different reasons/cases
    2. You may try again after 2 weeks of a request being denied.
  2. Be as respectful as possible
  3. Do not lie in your requests
  4. Give us clear untampered evidence
  5. IC reasons for you killing another character must be provided very clearly in your request.

That is all we want from you when it comes to Appeals and Requests. We must ask you that you do not go poking staff members after you have posted, they will respond and review in their own time. Also, keep in mind that it will take us some time to solve each case, it is not something we can finish on the spot, such cases will be treated with the utmost care to avoid rage and unhappiness as much as possible. This means we will be dedicating resources to PK appeals and requests to ensure we make the right decision.
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