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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a seed bank in the form of a vault constructed years before the combine's occupation, and stands as a preservation facility for every known plant's seed. It posesses an underground storage space, and contains a large amount of every sample that is registered within it.

After the combine occupation, they swiftly received intel about this convenient facility based on a rather remote island within Norway. A dispatched team from LEGION-02 quickly cleared out the facility after breaking into it from the front door and secured the location right after.

A large problem that the combine had noticed right after instating the citizenship was that the food issued to civillians was demotivating, and generally caused for a lack of voluntary workforces around the globe. The food during that timestamp was described as painfully flavorless, which only boosted the need for off-brand foods within each city, peaking the contraband rates and causing a general distress among the population. To solve this growing issue, which the combine hadn't much expected due to how picky the humans turned out to act, they required substitutes in the form of supplements of beloved, and good tasting pre-war nourishments.

Due to the lack of animals being around to provide substitude, the combine decided to enlist a group of scientist to create plant based supplements, such as chocolate bars, fruits and the sort. With the preserved seeds, the scientist got their hands on prime examples of each fruit, and managed to create popular supplements. The chocolate bar is an example for a successful product, commonly featured in higher tier conformist ration units as a 'snack'.
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I'm 50/50 on it. For one it sounds like an idea for the Combine to pillage this location and get as many fertile resources as possible for the aftermath - but same time it questions the nature if they would do this or not. It might even come to a conclusion based on the fact that they don't even know of its existence.

I'll give it some thought.


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Not too sure on this one myself personally. My views are the same as Rads at this time.