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The Elite Strider

It is the first hour of the war. A variety of alien war machines are distributed throughout all corners of the planet, dropped off by massive portal storms lingering in the sky. Among these machines were the Elite Synths; completely mechanical to their more fleshy counterparts, with the only part of themselves remaining to be their consciousness, built into the mechanical bodies. Today we talk about the Elite Striders.

Striders are massively armoured, biologically altered tripedal organisms, and are some of the strongest units making up Earth's military forces. They typically consist of a small body with three long legs, in a triangular position, with their main use of weaponry being a small gun located above a more bulky cannon underneath, destroying anything in its path. The Elite Striders, however, can be found to differentiate a lot more from this.

Elite Striders are 10x the size of an average strider. The exterior body is fully metallic, and there are no visible signs of remaining biological parts. The head averages at the size of a big house, followed by thin, almost tentacle-like legs protruding from the main body. These machines were sent to Earth from giant capsules, shot into the ground, and almost like a newborn animal hatching from an egg, the capsules open and the machines climbed out.

Their weaponry consists of two cannons, similar to a regular strider's, that extend out from their main bodies and shoot out a deadly high-energy laser that can penetrate most materials with relative ease. Lights shine from the cannons and the "face" of the elite strider, which help with keeping sight on whatever target they're focusing on. Destroying these machines takes an extensive amount of force, due to their tough shielding.

After the war, all remaining elite strider units were extracted from Earth and sent back to where they came from. They haven't been seen on Earth since, as they are primarily used for planetary invasions and a priority unit in the Combine's arsenal. During their time on Earth, they were seen to group into trios as they fought and had various strategies of attack, such as taking cover and attacking from behind large objects.

(Rare photograph of Elite Striders during the war)

An Elite Strider pod sent to Earth still remains buried into the ground in an area of farmland within Uman, Ukraine, far out into the country away from any cities. It marks itself into the land, a reminder of the war once fought years prior.



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I've already got things planned for war synthetics that ties into events that conflicts with the information here. Appreciate the read, but as of now it's a no from Overwatch's side of things.


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Nevermind about my response about 1 minute ago, just me being lazy. After reading it, I found out yes, this is indeed related to the Elite striders that were talked about in the general chat not too long ago.

I do believe we were interested in adding this into the Lore of the 7HW back when it was being discussed as it would make sense for there to be an elite variant of strider which is indeed the war version compared to the weaker and dumbed-down version you see in-game. But OTA has already given their opinion on the matter and I would instead say this goes on hold and may require changes in the future before being accepted in as the way I see it, while it may fall under OTA type Lore, at the same time it does not as it would instead fall under OSA type stuff (or whatever anyone wants to call it, just going off a name I am familiar with), the Overwatch Synthetic Arm that as the name suggests, contains all the synthetic units/troops in it including that of the Strider.

I assume that is in fact the case as we have mentioned in the main Lore that some forces of the War/OSA like Daisy which is a Crab synth still exists. You can even find said info on the world map. I will wait to see what Imperator RAD-X thinks though.

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While it does burden me to type this, synthetics are a rather figurative bunch when it comes to storytelling. While there is not clarification or information regarding them at this time, they have been laid to the grounds of those detailing the critical events for specific reasons. This in turn is then given for everyone else to work with. I will mention that this may have been an idea before you got to it first, so kudos to you on that. However, the main clarification on why the Seven Hour War in terms of the Combine's extraterrestrial arsenal being "off limits" is because that is a main field of focus for the management of the server.

That passes down towards everyone else that can use that information to both either document or write from their own perspective. Once something is legitimised by the writers, it is then a part of the rest of the server or community lore in general and we need to be very detailed on why they exist. That's why we're being very careful and kindly have to decline this great, detailed proposal.

Thanks again.