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The Global Union Administration
Many Citizens within the Union's massive walls believe that the Global Union Administration, shortened to GUA is simply the figureheads they see on the televisions in their home, or the echoing voice of their elusive leaders that travel over the plaza. What they don't see behind the curtain is the labyrinthian network of knowledge and information that truly lies in the dark. The leaders they see are but the top of a very large, unseen iceberg. With an entire planet under their control, the documentation needed has never been seen before by Earth. With an account on everything Earth holds, the Universal Union has no choice but to place a division of their empire solely dedicated to cataloguing this massive amount of data.

The Global Union Administration is tasked with collecting, organizing, and analyzing any and all information, including inventory, Citizens, and documentation. Furthermore, it is tasked with managing the layout of the Universal Union on Earth, from the planning of infrastructure, to the production of all forms of "consumer media" as mandated by the Union. These tasks are gargantuan in scope, requiring a level of categorization unmatched. With the Union's vast technology, this is made feasible, but even so it is still a grand effort to catalogue all there is to know. Multiple divisions exist within, each focused on one major factor of the administrative machine.

GUA Divisions
Citizen Profiling Network (CPN)
Entry after entry, profile after profile. Rows upon rows of blinking lights and humming machines. Corridors and mazes of cabinets, holding physical documentation of knowledge that should be considered private, but lay in nefarious hands. Servers whir endlessly, constantly being accessed, updated, and maintained with all the little things you do. The Citizen Profiling Network is tasked with collection, cataloguing, and dissemination of any info relating to a processed human within the Union's walls. It is a difficult mission, as workers toil endlessly to move documents around both digitally and physically to new sections. Automation helps the process, but can only do so much. Citizens are profiled in manners fitting to the Union's objective, often organizing by Citizen status, from loyal, to anti-citizen, to dead, and all between. The CPN works like a massive server, handing out massive packets of info containing all the Citizens for a specified location. Cities often have their own CPN departments somewhere within a non-accessible portion of the City, where loyalist request info from larger CPN servers which is then added to their smaller database for quickly accessible information. The CPN is critical for the Union's control over Earth. Without it, Civil Protection would be unable to access Citizen data, which spells doom for the entire City. Fortunately for the Union, CPN is usually guarded by Civil Protection (if in the city) or Overwatch forces for more high secure location. Furthermore, should a facility go down, once restored, it can draw its data from those it had dispersed info to before, and rebuild its database as best it can. This makes the CPN a difficult entity to stop, due to its defense and regenerative ability.

City Infrastructure Coordination (CIC)
Surveying, mapping, and constructing. The structures of the Union are many, and sometimes vast in size, while sometimes all that is needed is the architecture of the old world. City planners get to work, looking for buildings to demolish and plots to establish. On the foundations, new buildings are made. Buildings are numbered, and surveyed for their usefulness. Roads are paved, electricity is allotted, sewage is disposed, and more. City Infrastructure Coordination is in charge of any and all construction and demolishing within city limits, as well as reporting non-functioning structures, and logging all previous structures. Whether it be installing a new apartment, submitting a request for new roads. The CIC often makes contact with the ULC in order to have these constructions made. If it has to do with infrastructure within a cities limits, the CIC is in charge of it.

Planetary Culture Preservation Committee (PCPC)
You don't remember reading this in your favorite book... Music is cut to bits, pages are defiled, and art is remade into new, all in the name of progress. Editors retype entire books to fit political doctrine. Rows of computers are assembled, with workers tirelessly editing away the impurities. Musicians of the old world are forced to recreate their songs of old into new, while some songs are simply cut and manipulated to fit as needed. History is remade here, and with it, human culture. Some works though, simply prove to be too impure for the Union's taste, and are simply obliterated, and wiped from history all together. The Planetary Culture Preservation Committee is tasked with the collection, editing, redistributing and if need be, destruction of creative works of art. The Union sees to it that humanity sees their past as a homage to the Union itself, and attempts to create a world in which the Union's culture is the prime culture for all. Once a piece of work is made to fit the narrative, it is sent off to be reproduced and distributed among the masses. With the help of other devious techniques, the solution works, and many Citizens have accepted that the letters they now read were what they had been so long ago that they had forgotten.

Collaborator's Productions Association (CPA)
The works of the faithful are savored, and appreciated by the Union. Where PCPC handles editing and destruction, the CPA is tasked with the creation of content and media, as well as the collection and redistribution of content from collaborators from the cities themselves. The Bureau of Enlightenment is a major entity within the CPA, acting as the in-city means to create more works of art, such as celebrity broadcasts and such. Beyond this, the CPA receives works of art from all over the world, improves them if need be, before sending them out to the rest of the world to see if they are approved. Furthermore, should a directive be sent down from those higher up, the CPA is tasked with designing, producing, and distributing this new form of propaganda entertainment.

Citizen Relocation Division (CRD)
Trains that carry Citizens to and from the cities. Citizens remain lost, confused, and wondering as to why they were chosen to leave their home to go somewhere new yet again. The Union cares not for the friends they made, the connections they have, or the contributions they have made for the city. If they say it's time to move, then it's time to go. The Citizen Relocation Division is tasked with the moving of Citizens to meet quotas. Subservient to the Union Logistics Committee's PMD, they are constantly being hit with request for more Citizens. It is up to the CRD to pick who must go. While some say there is a formula to who they pick, it often seems far too random.

Historical Archival Database (HAD)
The libraries of old have been scoured, their data transcribed and recorded into massive info-vaults of large proportions. The history of Earth is fleeting and fractured, much of it lost in the chaos following the Resonance Cascade. But the Universal Union is nothing short of inquisitive. While the exact meaning of Earth's history means little to such a force, the potential for better strategy and knowledge on what they are containing is sought after, and thus, the Historical Archival Database is made functional. The HAD is tasked with the collection of all forms of pre-arrival documentation, from history, to current discussions. The Combine's impressive technology bestowed to Earth allows for the HAD to store massive amounts of data, but even this is stretched when the entire history of Earth is accounted for.

Information Archival Database (IAD)
From the past, to the present. Every conversation is recorded, and every written piece of documentation is stored away into the Union's advanced networks. Where the HAD focuses on the archiving of the past, the Information Archival Database is tasked with storing what is happening, and what is to come. From every piece of documentation typed up in any segment of the Union's empire on Earth, to the data entered into any other division of not only the GUA, but the entirety of the Union. It is locked away in the IAD. It often takes hours, days, and sometimes even weeks to retrieve data from the IAD if it isn't important enough, while some info is stored on servers locked away behind guarded doors, where OTA Elites stand guard to hold the deepest secrets of the Combine's presence on Earth at bay.

Union Re-Education Center (URC)
The youngest of society did not make it into the new world. The Union did not see them fit for entry. They were too important a resource, a blank canvas to impress the Union's will upon. To the Union Re-Education Program they were given, where they would finish out their development into an adult under the care of the Combine. The Union Re-Education Center is tasked with the re-education of those who were below the age limit when the Union arrived. Children are given homes, and are tasked with reporting to halls where they must adhere to the Union's teachings. Once these individuals have grown up to meet the age limit, they are released into society, where they go on to become the newest loyalist.

Union Health Corps (UHC)
Medical procedures reviewed over and over again, constant health standards updated and more. Entire books are made detailing old medical practices combined with new Combine technology, and doctors are kept well informed. The Union Health Corps is tasked with reviewing medical knowledge, formulating new procedures, and planning out the organization of the Union's healthcare system along with requests of medical supplies. They play tug-o-war with both the UPRD and the ULC to get both the latest medical equipment, as well as the most supplies they can.

Material Provisioning Division (MPD)
The many goods of the Union are produced by the ULC and stored in the monolithic depots that dot the globe. There are only so many resources, and many cities to supply. It takes ruthless negotiating and crafty formation of reports to prove that your city is the one that deserves those supplies, lest your Citizens lack the goods they desire. The Material Provisioning Division is tasked with looking at the demands of the City (whether they be by Citizens or otherwise) and meeting said demands with supply. They are also tasked with allocating where the supplies go once they reach the city. They gather what the city needs supply wise (save for the Civil Protection's supplies, which are automatically calculated), before forming reports and sending them out as requests to the MAP for supplies. Once supplies are received, they choose where the supplies go. Does this district get the ration bonus, or the other? Who gets medical? Maybe a stick of gum for their little loyalist parade. The MPD controls the flow of resources once they reach the city, making their job critical.

Regulations Drafting Division (RDD)
Shrewd, cold-hearted workers toil away in their grand offices to make regulations that meet both the Union's intense demands as well as remaining effective. They write the regulations to which all other Administrative divisions follow, and see to it that they are updated appropriately when need be. How must a government be run? How does a worker within the administration act? The Regulation Drafting Division constantly pushes these policies out, and it is best that they are adhered too. They often work with City officials to form new policies, but they have been known to take orders down from Breen himself, to which no GUA division or City Administrator wants to defy...

Regulations Enforcement Division (RED)
Not even the City Administrators are safe anymore. Men and women in black suits arrive in your Nexus, snooping through your files, inspecting every little bit of your work. Should they find anything wrong, they leave without a word as they always do. The worst to follow has the Overwatch Transhuman Arm marching up to your office the next day, and an immediate detainment of you and all your assistants. The Regulations Enforcement Division is not to be toiled with, for they are strict in their assessments. Tasked with ensuring compliance to all regulations developed by the RDD, they do so with no care as to why one breaks the rules. Their only weakness is their numbers, which are limited, meaning that inspections often take a long time to come. When they do show up however, all must be prim and proper. Their career is on the line, as well as their head.

Union Governance Cabinet (UGC)
One of the most important and well known divisions within the GUA. Elusive and powerful figures hover over meeting tables, deciding the fate of thousands if not millions. Those of the higher command convene in pristine and grand halls, where they determine the path that the Union shall take upon planet Earth, or at least delude themselves with the illusion that they have a choice in the matter in their high castle of City 24. The Union Governance Cabinet is the lower to middle leadership within the Cities. The Civil Administration Board, Chancellor, City Administration, and Sector Administration all fall within the UGB. The UGC itself is tasked with the command of all Cities, and thus all Global Union Administration that falls within those cities.

Universal Union Global Executive
This is it. The top of the chain, and the end of the line. Within the Universal Union Global Executive rests the most powerful humans on planet Earth, that of Doctor Breen, his personal informants, as well as the UPRD and ULC directors. With Doctor Breen at the very top, he is informed both by the UGC and his collection of informants (including the branch directors). Located in City 17 within the capital Citadel, they are heavily guarded at all times. Their word is law, their will, reality. What they say is made so and none may question it lest they are eliminated. There exist none to challenge them- with one exception...

Global Advisory Union
The will of Doctor Breen is reality, but such power is meaningless when your every move is but a twist of the puppeteer's elusive hand. Breen is indeed the most powerful human on planet Earth, but not the most powerful being to reside on the annexed globe. Formed by the Advisorial Assistance Act, the Global Advisory Union is beyond even that of the Universal Union Global Executive. It acts as the overseer, an enigmatic group of entities only known as the "Advisors." Their existence is only known by few, their appearance, only by Doctor Breen and the branch directors beneath him. What they actually are however? Perhaps not even Breen knows...

GUA Structure
The Global Union Administration, being the backbone of everything, is also the head of the entirety of the Universal Union's presence on planet Earth, save for the Overwatch (to some degree). Each division within the GUA works with other divisions both in the GUA itself or with divisions in other branches of the Union. They layout of this branch however is important for understanding how it works.

Division Scope
Each division in the GUA operates at different scopes. Some only exist on a city level, while others operate at sectors levels, or even globally. The levels of operation are as follows:
City - The city itself.
Sector - The sector, either operating out of a "sector capital" city or from an independent location.

Global - Beyond sectors, usually only involves one location, or is located at the C17 Citadel itself.

Each division's capability, and how it operates at that level, is seen below:

Citizen Profiling Network
City - Provides Civil Protection/Overwatch with the Citizen database. Calls for localized collections of data from the sector level.
Sector - Holds Citizen data for an entire sector. Located within a sector capital. Sector capital segment can replace city level.
Global - Located in the Global Data Hub. Holds every single Citizen profile on the planet.
City Infrastructure Coordination
City - Performs surveys of city layout and previous buildings for deconstruction, repair calls, and construction. Also holds data on all buildings in the city.
Sector - No operations at sector level except for communication relay structures between cities.
Global - No operations at global level except for communication relay structures between sector capitals.

Planetary Culture Preservation Committee
City - Performs surveys of city waste disposal for possible collections. Ships collections off to sector capital. Reviews items to determine if destruction is needed.
Sector - Performs revisions and remakes of collected material. Ships off to global level for redistribution.
Global - Located in [INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE], prepares manufacturing codes for reproduction of material for distribution to the masses.

Collaborator's Productions Association
City - Monitors and collects loyalist creations for review. Ships off to sector capital if approved. Determines if creation should be circulated within the City. Manages Bureau of Enlightenment within city.
Sector - Further reviews loyalist creation. Determines if worthy to be sent to global level. Determines if creation should be circulated within the sector. Manages Bureau of Enlightenment within sector.
Global - Final review for global redistribution. Located in [INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE], prepares manufacturing code. Creates new media and entertainment on a global level.

Citizen Relocation Division
City - Receives request from ULC's PMD division. Analyzes Citizen database for candidates. Selects citizens for relocation as deemed appropriate.
Sector - Oversees successful move of Citizen if they are moving to another sector.
Global - No operations at global level.

Historical Archival Database
City - Surveys waste dumps and confiscations for documented info. Ships to sector capital.
Sector - Sends out survey teams to different locations in order to sweep for written info. Ships information to global level. May have external facilities located in sectors with no city.
Global - Located in [INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE]. Analyzes documents and transfers them to storeable data format. Performs data scans on retrieved equipment. Sends formatted data to Global Data Hub.

Information Archival Database
City - Collects any recorded bits of info, from documents to speech and more. Ships/Transfers data to sector capital.
Sector - Transfers physical data to digital. Digitally transfers data to global level. Collects data from ULC and UPRD within sector. May have external facilities located in sectors with no city.
Global - Located in the Global Data Hub. Stores all formatted data retrieved by IAD.

Union Re-Education Center
City - Does not operate at City level.
Sector - Ensures proper retrieval of new arrivals from global level.

Union Health Corps
City - Redistributes medical supplies to clinics. Ensures compliance to medical standards.
Sector - Same as City.
Global - Located in [INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE]. Writes new policy and procedure for medical segment of the Union's health care system.

Material Provision Division
City - Analyzes city demands and needs, formulates reports and requests for supplies from ULC's MAP.
Sector - No operations at sector level.
Global - No operations at global level.

Regulations Drafting Division
City - Sends performance reports to RDD directly.
Sector - Sends sector performance reports to RDD directly.
Global - Located in City 17. Handles analyzing of reports and drafting of new policies and regulations.

Regulations Enforcement Division
City - Holds network presence for any complaints/concerns reported in.
Sector - No operations at sector level.
Global - Located in City 17. Sends out agents to different cities for inspections. Reports findings back to City 17.

Union Governance Cabinet
City - Comprised of the CAB and City Administrator. Manages all administrative operations at City level.
Sector - Comprised of Sector Administrators. Manages all administrative operations at Sector level.
Global - Located in City 24. Convenes for meetings and whatnot to discuss administration functions at a global level.

Universal Union Global Executive
City - No presence.
Sector - No presence.
Global - Located in City 17. Manages all administrative operations at planetary level.

Global Advisory Union

GUA Installations
GUA installations are usually found within the cities themselves, located in a locked down district that is not accessible by the normal populace. The buildings can still be seen though, usually appearing as generic office buildings and whatnot. These buildings can be spread out over the city itself in locked down districts, or all kept in one district. Some divisions may gain an entire building to themselves, while others only receive a single floor in a skyscraper. These districts and buildings are usually patrolled by Civil Protection, as Citizens (albeit mostly loyalist) are the ones working in these buildings. Higher level buildings may have OTA guarding them, but this is usually only at the sector level.

Some GUA installations can be found outside of the cities, especially in sectors where there are no cities. These facilities are guarded by OTA and usually belong to the HAD and other such retrieval divisions that don't just solely focus on Cities. Sector capitals however, are known to have much larger office buildings, and are more likely to have OTA guarding them due to the level of info there.

Global level installations are either in their own external facility, or placed in a very large building in one specific city. Some also end up in City 17, where they are either a building in the district, or perhaps even within the Citadel itself.

The most important facility for the GUA however, is the Global Data Hub...

Global Data Hub
A monolithic tower that stretches into the heavens. Stormy clouds dump rain into the torrential waves of the ocean below. With cold metal, it stretches high, almost as tall as the Citadels that dot the planet. The waves crash harmlessly into the titan, doing nothing to remove it from their waters. Within, alien technology hums away, as Stalkers and transhuman arm march through its tight corridors, searching endlessly for a problem that never seems to be there. Within the walls of this colossus, lies all the answers to the world, and perhaps even more...

The Global Data Hub is a massive structure located upon the Atlantic Ocean, south of City 4. Massive in size, it holds all non-overwatch, administrative data for the entirety of planet Earth. City 17 makes direct calls to this location, as well as a majority of the GUA. This is because the Global Data Hub is a critical, and vital component of the Union's presence on Earth. Should it fall, the Union would almost certainly collapse within but a few days due to mass failure. Needless to say, this facility is heavily guarded, even if it is in a location that is very unlikely to ever be hit. Security is incredibly strict, for even the smallest amounts of damage can bring havoc to entire sectors. Maintenance is heavily prioritized, and technologies are present in order to ensure the integrity of the Data Hub against any potential weather patterns.

The Global Union Administration, like all the other branches in the Union's empire, work tirelessly to provide for an entire planet. It is a grueling task, one that is often riddled with delays, bottlenecks, and setbacks. Thousands of workers belong to the GUA, many of them Citizens. The data that must be handled however is plentiful, and to the Union, incredibly important. Without the GUA, many would find their lives to be significantly harder, as the Union would quickly collapse in a very erratic, and violent manner.
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Author's Note
This will most likely be the last big "Union" branch/faction I'm making. There really isn't any other faction to make. Any additions I might have, I'll simply update through one of the previous divisions and message Robert to see what he thinks.

As DeNuke said, this is fluid and can change depending on what faction leads want, in order to make this fit the server.

Unlike my other branches however, the GUA does have an in-game presence in the form of the administration. Knowing this, I tried to keep the GUA as uninvasive as possible so as to not alter the in-game faction, but instead expand upon its backworks, and perhaps give the administration more things to actually Roleplay.

If there are any concerns, criticisms, or opinions, post them down below. They help address and iron out issues, or simply let me know that what I have is good to stay.
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I would like to remind everyone here Equinox's long documents should never be considered automatically law. This document was written as a request by Imperator RAD-X to flesh out the institutions of the administration above the City Tier (The cities are still relatively autonomous and are free to do as they wish (see: CAB) so long as they don't break the rules as set out by the RDD).

Once again, much like the UPRD this suggestion is "fluid" and allowed to be modified and molded into something else if need be. Divisions/Departments can be removed, replaced or modified to suit this community. I'm sure Equinox will explain more when he returns and writes his author notes on this particular topic.


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On more a serious note, this will take a bit of time to digest and much less so for me to comment on as that's Robert's case, but from what I read it looks comprehensive and well put together!